Selling/Renting your costumes has never been easier!


We take everything from custom made solo costumes to group catalogue costumes as long as they are in wonderful condition. Simply fill out the form below, print it out, and ship it with your costumes. That's it! 

We'll inspect, photograph, store and sell your items for up to 6 months. A small fee will be collected if you would like to store/sell them for longer.  Before your items go live on the site, we will email you a preview and await your confirmation. At any point, you can send us a message to adjust your pricing or if you realized you actually need your costume returned to you. Once your items have sold, we will ship them to the buyer. They will have up to 5 days to return the item. Once the 5 day period has passed, you will receive your payment minus our 30% consigner fee. For items listed for sale under $30, we will only collect a 20% consigner fee.


Click Here to view the entire Seller's Agreement and get all the details.


Our inventory is currently at capacity but check back soon for when we will be accepting new costumes!


(We can only accept costumes from the USA at this current time)